Replace multiple spaces with Notepad++

The one programme I miss when I am at work, forced (not entirely unwillingly) to use an iMac with a screen the size of tombstone is Notepad++

I’ve been trying to process a text document with a search / replace, but the regular expression support seems a bit limited (see wiki)

To find two or more spaces I used the following expression:


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  1. Alas Dan, I’m an Eclipse fan. I like to have a sort of big fat editor / IDE but also a nice fast text editor for just stuff like copy / paste, notes, bits of code from the IDE while I’m working you know. One thing I will say though, TextEdit is properly rubbish. Give me notepad any day!

  2. Ah, I use Coda personally, which is nice enough for simple template development. I quite like having the themed code colourscheme though, rather than eye-burning black-on-white.

  3. I’ve often found the regex find and replace module (under ctrl+R) in Notepad++ to be rather buggy. It’s fine for simple things, but when you start using it for anything more complicated, with multiple tagged regions, it seems to do unexpected things. I’d like it to allow me to check and confirm each replacement, before committing to a bulk replacement, but I remember that not being implemented well either.

    I agree with D, that the Espresso Libre theme is so much nicer to look at, and Eclipse may have had me if it had support for theme importing. I’d make it myself, but I get the feeling Eclipse has slightly different syntax definitions from TextMate.

  4. Hi

    I have to admit that regex in general is quite a weak area for me – and takes me rather longer than I expect they should! Still, practice makes perfect.

    To tell the truth I’m at Mac user at work now so don’t use Notepad++ nearly as much as I used to (still use eclipse though) – I do quite like Coda for just html work.

    I also use Text Wrangler, pretty good – but I no great love for it!


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