Things to come

A bit of a taster really, a post about the things that I intend to write – well that’s one way of getting me to ensure that I do write them.

I’ve written a helper to generate nested UL’s from the results of a find(‘threaded’) call. I’ve been using the helper to generate the nested lists for CSS menus and it is also great for sitemaps. Just needs a bit of tidying up before I set it free.

Back to basics with Auth
(This one is actually in draft right now) Another CakePHP one – I’ve been using a quite complex auth / groups / users solution derived the fabulous solution by Studio Canaria but these things get more and more complex. Recently for a project I just needed something simple but I’d forgotten how complex and powerful even basic Auth can be, so I decided to write a kind of back to basics tutorial.

My perfect E-book
I love books. I hate reading PDFs or anything book-like of the screen. My thoughts on the perfect E-book reader.