At last the CakePHP books have arrived

I’d like to say it never rains but it pours, but that would be entirely the wrong sentiment, I need something more like good things come to those who wait

Anyway after an epic wait a flurry of CakePHP books have arrived.

I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I from personal experience I would say the Apress books are bound to be good. I have no idea what the books from Packt are like. I have one Manning book which is good but is unfortunately a PDF (and I hate reading PDFs).

2 thoughts to “At last the CakePHP books have arrived”

  1. That is quite a collection of complete and utter nonsense. Well, it’s not really nonsense; but everytime I’m delving into writing PHP, I have speculating moments where I can see myself typing all of these random characters, and I think “what the fuck am I doing!?”, and then I carry on.

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