Cake in the Wild

I’ve just finnished my first real live application built with CakePHP. It’s nothing too wild – a booking management system based on 10 tables, the only vaguely fancy bit a couple of AJAX lookup / search fields.

Considering it has been the project I’ve actually built using Cake, and I’ve been learning the framework on the job, it has been very painless. It hasn’t taken long – it is an internal project for another department that I’ve squeezed in when I need a break from whatever else I’m doing.

The hardest part has been geetiing used to the format of query results, but that is easily solved with a quick print_r() and it has been a dream to debug and tweak, just working through it with the main guy who will be using it.

Training Database

8 thoughts to “Cake in the Wild”

  1. Instead of using print_r you could better use debug(). Then it will do a print_r() surrounden by a . This way you can style the debuginformation for better readability.

  2. Hi Avassem.

    Thanks – I had completely forgeten about debug().

    print_r() or Cake’s pr() are great if you know what you are looking for, not so hot if you don’t know what’s wrong.

  3. Hi Dan

    Glad you like it, but to be honest the style isn’t really my thing.

  4. That’s always the way when you are developing something for someone else though, isn’t it? Well, unless you don’t give them the choice, but that’s a different story.

    I think building something in a new language is a great foundation for further development. Especially when you look back at it for a bit of information and see how different everything is.

  5. I am the main guy, but not for training!
    I was sad when i heard you were off to new pastures as we had only just started to understand each others twisted humours. Such is life i spose. Stay in touch or i’ll hire a dolphin and put it in your bath tub!

  6. Hi.. i’m seandy from indonesia,
    would you give me the souce code?

    i want to learn more about cakephp from your code.
    many thanks,

  7. Hi – unfortunately I can’t do that – the application is wrote is purely the property of my previous employers. Anyway I’m not entirely sure that it is what one would describe as ‘best practice’ being very much a learning experience.

    If you want to learn Cake – I think the best thing to do is sign up to the Google Group and skim everything that comes through it and also look through the bakery – especially the comments – they let you figure out how other people have solved problems.


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