The things that I do

Have started writing proposals for new exhibitions again. Its time to dig out the words and try talk about the stuff that I do – the things that I make.

How many times have I written this stuff now, I truly have no idea.

My work is spread accross a range of mediums from internet based work to print making but focused around a core grounded in sculpture / instalation. As a sculptor I am interested in exploring two main things – the relationships created between objects in space, and what exactly it is that makes it possible for an artwork to trancend itself. I am particularly interested the notion that as an artist you can take an everyday object or idea and through a series of discrete and logical steps arrive at something that whilst absurd in terms of day to day reality maintains its own internal consistency and integrity – how do you create an object that says ‘this is what I am, how could I possibly be any other way?’.