cross browser min-height CSS

Always forgetting the usefull tips I find and use every other day. Despite now using I still have an ocean of bookmarks.

notes to self

400 px element that will expand with more content:

#content {
height: 400px;
height /**/:auto;
min-height: 400px;


  1. IE does not recognise a min-height but will use height and expand as needed.
  2. Firefox will not expand with height


  1. Reset height to auto in Firefox with a hack


Do you ever look through the log files of your website? I can’t say I do on a regular basis, but when I do time suddenly takes on a different quailty – as you follow and see who and what is linking to your website and borrowing your bandwidth, starting to trawl the wierd depths of the web.

The other day I was very suprised to come across a picture of one of my own sculptures at but on the whole thats a nice thing to find.

Last week at work one of our clients who had been perusing his own log files called us up rather concerned as to why his e-commerce site was linked to by hundreds of strange eastern european dating sites… to which there is no good answer at all except for search engine optimisation strategy – a phrase that has more than eneough mystical conotations… at the end of the day there is nothing you can do except amend the weblog analyser to ignore them all.

Marilyn as a pebble

Some pictures of the ‘Flow’ installation re-setup for H & J’s wedding earlier this month. A lot of people camped and J’s old car Marilyn (a Morris Minor) had to be moved from its resting place in a barn to a new spot in the orchard for the duration.

marilyn and flow installtionMarilyn sat like a boulder in the stream of butterfiles – eddys spinning off around her. There was some good feedback from the damaged wedding guests as they emerged the next morning for breakfast.

marilyn and flow installtion

The long dark teatime of the web

Finally got around to writting something. Its fitting that my first post should be a link to the website that previously lived here in this domain. Infact it still does. It is funny the way websites acumulate layers and layers of matter. Web Mulch.

Its funny how you never have the time to clear it all out years of work tangle and mingle until you can’t change it because it’ll all fall apart. Not very professional but who has time for that after you get home from work?

Full circle. was put together as a diary of some travels and then hacked around and shuffled and chopped as needed for various job getting portfolio purposes. Gainfully employed right now I can use it for something else.

Still I shouldn’t be working, I should be making art.