Do you ever look through the log files of your website? I can’t say I do on a regular basis, but when I do time suddenly takes on a different quailty – as you follow and see who and what is linking to your website and borrowing your bandwidth, starting to trawl the wierd depths of the web.

The other day I was very suprised to come across a picture of one of my own sculptures at http://artblog.roua.org/2005/03/14/cloud but on the whole thats a nice thing to find.

Last week at work one of our clients who had been perusing his own log files called us up rather concerned as to why his e-commerce site was linked to by hundreds of strange eastern european dating sites… to which there is no good answer at all except for search engine optimisation strategy – a phrase that has more than eneough mystical conotations… at the end of the day there is nothing you can do except amend the weblog analyser to ignore them all.