My last week…

Today is the first day of my last week at work for quite some time…

Returning to London after my pre-trip holiday in Cornwall was very difficult, especially because the District & Circle line was bust.

…anyway I guess its a small price to pay.

Desperate Rough Camping

We left for Zahara – one of the White Towns. the experienece was marred by the lack of anywhere to saty when we arrived…

In desperation we set of for Rhonda – still no campsite – we eventually found one for 15 euros – this being unacceptable we thought bugger this.

In desperation we persuaded some Dutch homesteaders to to let us sleep in their Cork Oak grove – we felt proud to be rough camping.

Breakfast at the Ritz

…Just a small treat – we both believe that it is important to leave London with a full stomach.

A lovely place to go for breakfast, not withstanding the two tables of American holiday / business people, engaged in a battle of rudness with the superior (is there any other kind?) French waiters …and thier sour faced wives.

J had:Mixed grapefruit with blackberries, raspberries and kiwi fruit followed by eggs, sausage, bacon etc. Washed down with coffee from a silver pot.

H had:Spheres of melon, with raspberries (and peaches I think)followed by scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage etc. Washed down with Earl Grey Tea.