Walked up into the mountains by myself… saw nobody for about 3 hours. Just sun and rock. Attempted 3 drawings of hills and adobe houses – very unsucessful. I need practice.

Perhaps there is a fundamental incompatability between this light and watercolour. I need white as a presence rather than as an absence.

Will collect a tube in Granada.

Juan Miro

Always thought that Miro was off in some kind of exploration of abstraction and the Surreal.

I was wrong.

Trying to paint in this odd lanscape and even odder light has convinced me that that he was a strict realist.

Red dust and rock.

The funny looking trees are Eucylyptus…

The animals maybe he just didn`t like them?

Videobus to the moon

Arrived in a town called San Jose at 7.30pm (via Almeria). There is not an inch of ground to be seen that is not covered by Polythene Greenhouses as we travelled along the coast.


If you squint its like fields covered in snow.

How any light actually penetrates the filth of the plastic ill never know. I guess this is real post industrial farming…

Moonscape ends… hello San Jose.