Ernest Marples postcode lookup is disabled

A while ago I came across a great UK postcode lookup service and wrote a post about it here.

Just went back to it a few days ago and unfortunately the service has been suspended. Luckily I didn’t have any applications using it (I mostly use the Google or Yahoo) – but it was a damn fast way to just get the co-ordinates of a UK postcode.

It’s just a shame that such a useful service has been shut down – obviously postcode data is worth a lot of money to Royal Mail – but surely more economic value could be extracted if postcodes were free.

If you are interested in how this pans out there is a blog.

Free UK Postcode Geocoding

I’ve just come across and started using a brilliant new free UK postcode lookup (so far it has provided me with the Latitude & Longitude of every postcode I’ve thrown at it), it’s fast, free and easy to use and can return the Latitude & Longitude as either CSV or JSON – whatever takes your fancy. Perhaps best of all, all it requires is the postcode, not other parts of the address like a property name or number. (apparently Ernest Marples was the Postmaster general who introduced the postcode to the UK)