I’ve been working recently on a lot of alphabet based artwork. Alongside the as large as I can possibly get away with sculptures and installations that I love to build I have always been quietly obsessed with counting systems and alphabets and the whole arbitrary and symbolic nature of the representational systems.

After all it doesn’t really matter if you are counting with numbers or kittens and goldfish (as long as the kittens don’t run away or eat the fish)…

Slowfall have just got funding to do some further pieces of work extending the Stories from the Tower project in Hackney (with a bit of luck we’ll get some more funding to publish a book based on the entire project). In a nushell the new project involves each of the artists involved making a piece of work in response to a story gathered in the original project.

The story I have chosen to work with is Blake Family, Tasmanian connection with Hackney and I have decided to make an alphabet illustrated with images derived from and refering to the story.

Howevet this has got me thinking about alphabets for different people. So today I have come up with an:

artists alphabet

Barlow, Phyllida
Donald Judd
Flavin, Dan
Hockney, Hamilton, Hirst
Johns, Jasper
Kabakov, Il’ya (Iosifovich) , Koons
Light (as in studio with good light required)
Man Ray
Nauman, Bruce
Oppenheim, Dennis
Piero della Francesca
Queirolo, Francesco
Richter, Gerhard
Stockholder, Jessica (my favourite artist)

to be continued…

cross browser min-height CSS

Always forgetting the usefull tips I find and use every other day. Despite now using I still have an ocean of bookmarks.

notes to self

400 px element that will expand with more content:

#content {
height: 400px;
height /**/:auto;
min-height: 400px;


  1. IE does not recognise a min-height but will use height and expand as needed.
  2. Firefox will not expand with height


  1. Reset height to auto in Firefox with a hack

Marilyn as a pebble

Some pictures of the ‘Flow’ installation re-setup for H & J’s wedding earlier this month. A lot of people camped and J’s old car Marilyn (a Morris Minor) had to be moved from its resting place in a barn to a new spot in the orchard for the duration.

marilyn and flow installtionMarilyn sat like a boulder in the stream of butterfiles – eddys spinning off around her. There was some good feedback from the damaged wedding guests as they emerged the next morning for breakfast.

marilyn and flow installtion