Take, Eat

I just read a post on Ben’s blog about a religious theme park near near Buenos Aires squidged between Aeroparque airport and waterworld called Tierra Santa – the Holy Land. http://www.worldgonemad.org/blog/2005/12/creation_crucif.html

Sounds fun, I wonder if Umberto Eco has wriiten a book about it yet, it would seem to be right up his street. It also reminds me of visting Art Galleries in La Paz, Bolivia – I belive it weas some kind of religious gallery possibly part of the cathedral. The gallery was full of wierd looking pictures of the Virgin Mary – the funny thing was they were all triangular.

Our Lady of CopacabanaIt turns out that before the Spanish invaded Bolivia all of the mountains on the Altiplano (high plateau with most of Boliva on it stuck up in the Andes at about 4000m) around La Paz were venerated to greater or lesser degrees as gods (and when you get there you see why).

So when the Catholic bandwagon rolled into town and declared that Christianity was the way forward the mountains were metamorphasised into the Virgin Mary, hence all the strangely triangular virgins.

But now to my snack range

You could have a whole range of snacks called something like ‘Take, Eat’. Eat your heart out Pret… (and save your soul).

Thoughts for any other religious snacks – I bet you could buy a mean Bloody Mary – extra chilli please.