The things that I do

Have started writing proposals for new exhibitions again. Its time to dig out the words and try talk about the stuff that I do – the things that I make.

How many times have I written this stuff now, I truly have no idea.

My work is spread accross a range of mediums from internet based work to print making but focused around a core grounded in sculpture / instalation. As a sculptor I am interested in exploring two main things – the relationships created between objects in space, and what exactly it is that makes it possible for an artwork to trancend itself. I am particularly interested the notion that as an artist you can take an everyday object or idea and through a series of discrete and logical steps arrive at something that whilst absurd in terms of day to day reality maintains its own internal consistency and integrity – how do you create an object that says ‘this is what I am, how could I possibly be any other way?’.

Something – anything

Came across trying to raise awareness about some the things people should take notice of:

  • climate change
  • genetic engineering
  • ethical shopping
  • etc.

Not that genetic engineering is necessarily such a bad thing though, stupid senseless genetic engineering is. After all who wouldn’t want to (for instance) have a photographic memory, or not have to worry about skin cancer or literally be able to focus your consciousness on more than one thing at once…

There is nothing sacrosanct about the human body, from my perspective how could their be? I am an atheist and quite unable to comprehend the nature of religious faith. How can any rational person believe religion provides any kind of objective truth, picking holes in the nature of religion is like shooting fish in barrel (although I suppose that you need to choose the right kind of gun). Returning to my argument though, for all its wonder, the human body is a flawed machine – whilst most of us in the West will reach our allotted three score years and ten, the soft machine,for many others breaks down and fails well before that.

Becoming a parent has not changed my views at all, infact the prospect that my child may one day have to attend a faith based school or be compelled to learn the drivel of so called Intelligent Design or Creationism makes me shake with anger.

Just remember, If I was a genetic engineer I would help people to Purr.,70613-0.html?tw=wn_index_10