My first bit of Mootools and centering a Google Map in a hidden div

Started a new job last week for a really cool agency in a place I really want to work* – but they are Mootools users not jQuery folk, so I am been thrown headlong into (among other things) the world of Mootools. I’m used to just sitting down and being able to make things work quickly and painlessly with jQuery and it is funny being back to basics again. Today I wrote my first useful bit of Mootools code, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing – just a nice fading toggle to show and hide a Google Map – but it still felt good.

Along the way I had to ran into a problem with my map – when I showed it the centre-ing was gone – I tried all sorts of things… map.checkResize() didn’t work and map.setCenter() didn’t work.

Eventually I deduced that first you actually need to call both functions – reset, then centre e.g.

    map.setCenter(new GLatLng(51.90568, -1.33214));

Along my way I have found a great article comparing jQuery and Mootools – which I would recommend to anyone going either way.

*But it is a kind of a personal philosophy not to ever say on my blog where I do work, just because. I’ve taken over a big project running on a Cloud server written by a load of other people, the sort of thing that is hard but very rewarding.
** I have no idea where those coordinates are. Maybe Up North somewhere?