Sneak Preview

At the moment I’m working on an e-commerce project using the Amazon Product Advertising API. The website is called, and as the name suggests its theme is Science Fiction Books and Fantasy Literature.

The project is built on my brand new CakePHP based CMS system and the Tarzan AWS library which makes connecting to and utilizing Amazon web services, whilst not a breeze, rather enjoyable.

The website is hurtling along at an astonishing rate and with any luck, the first version should be up and live early next week. - Books for Sci Fi and Fantasy lovers

2 thoughts to “Sneak Preview”

  1. I really like the simple, yet elegant design of this site. It’s sci-fi themed, but it’s not like other sci-fi sites that are often ugly. Your probably aware that you’ve left the favicon to cakePHPs’ defualt favicon, but thought I should let you just in case.

  2. @sneakatron – glad you like the design. Like you say, I wanted to do sci-fi but – after looking around most are pretty grim. I’ve only just got back into doing a few designs after years and years of just working with other peoples and I’m pretty pleased with this – I love astronauts.

    Thanks for pointing out the favicon. Made one, forgot to upload it – still sitting the wrong place.



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