Lately I’ve have taken a little bit of time out from Art-Thing and have been working on a smaller side project called

I’ve been using this as a bit of a test bed for various aspects of Art-Thing but it is also a fun little project in its own right. AND even better it should be ready very soon, it is a directory of UK businesses and services with a pretty flat structure based on tagging and regions. Fast, easy to use and fun (if a business directory can be fun).

The site is almost ready to launch and the whole process from the first ideas until now has been very quick – it is built in CakePHP 1.2 and jQuery which make coding a pleasure again. It’s also fun to do a bit of design for a change instead of just the stuff under the hood.

Here is a sneak preview:

If you own or manage a business in the UK why not sign up for FREE with and see how it can help your business. is a brand new directory of businesses and services based in the UK.

Every entry in the directory is approved by a real person and businesses have to provide their actual address so the directory is completely spam free and only contains quality listings.

  • Link back to your website (great for SEO)
  • Add a description of your business or service
  • Add an image or company logo
  • Update your entry whenever you want
  • Add you business or service to multiple categories
  • Add tags (keywords) – that are right just for you
  • Automatically show your location on our map

Finding a business in the UK - made simple