Art Thing

Note: This post is over a year old and the content may no longer be accurate.

My new website has come a little bit closer. Art-thing is going to be a place to find exhibition listings, artist’s opportunities, galleries guides and books – orientated at the more contemporary / conceptual end of things, but hey, anyone is welcome…

We will be looking for contributors to write reviews and keep up to date with what’s on, but the whole point is anybody can write a review, anybody can add a show they loved (or hated). - reviews, listings, opportunities and books

If you would like to contribute or get involved in testing the site please send me a message and we will get in touch.

Art-thing book shop

The one thing up and running so far is our Artist’s Book shop with an ultra secure checkout powered by Amazon. We will regularly be updating the books to include editors choices, must have books for students etc.

Form data in the View

Note: This post is over a year old and the content may no longer be accurate.

Using CakePHP all your form fields are normally populated automatically, it is easy to forget that to access the POST array all you need to do is use either:

$this->data or $this->params[‘data’]

pr(); on either of these will present you with something like:

    [Book] => Array
            [id] => 402
            [name] => Everything about Everything
            [publisher] => 
            [ISBN] => 
            [publish_date] => 15/04/2001
            [summary] => 


Chocolate Factory Open Studios

Note: This post is over a year old and the content may no longer be accurate.

Chocolate Factory Open Studios

Nothing to do with me, just a bit of shameless PR for my friends Sean, Claire and Nick who do have a studio there.

(BTW I used to have a studio in a completely different place, but which was also coincidentally called the Chocolate Factory…)

Sat 24 Nov 2007 – Sun 2 Dec 2007

The Chocolate Factory N16
Farleigh Place
Stoke Newington
N16 7SX

[email protected]

020 7503 7896


Opening times:

Saturday 24 November, 10am-6pm,
Sunday 25 November, 12noon-5pm,
Saturday 1 December, 10am-6pm,
Sunday 2 December, 12noon-5pm

The Chocolate Factory artist studios (N16) open their doors to the public. A hidden gem and hive of local creativity the Chocolate factory has long housed a diverse community of creative practitioners that has attracted interested locals, discerning shoppers and art buyers, hunting for unique and exceptional finds. Now following the addition of 14 new studio units the Chocolate Factory has become home to double the creative talent.

Chocolate Factory boasts one of the most eclectic mix of disciplines and talents under one roof. Unique ceramics, contemporary paintings and sculpture, exclusive fashion, illustration and home accessories are all on display to make the Chocolate Factory Winter Open Studios weekend the perfect opportunity for discovering some of freshest new local talent and buying some of the most covetable products.