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I’ve just completed quite a major project. An e-commerce site for Joshua’s Harvest Store in Devon. The shop has about 4000 products and ties into a 3rd party stock control system that is used in their shop. Every day the products listed on the site are syncronised with the stock control system using a scheduled uploads and the summary sales data is generated to be imported back into the Stock Control System.

It has taken a long time and hasn’t been particularly easy but it is always a good feeling when a complex piece of work is up and running.



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  1. I think Joshua’s is one of the nicest websites appearing in the COSMIC portfolio now. As you described it earlier; it’s like a PHP car crash, but it is an insane project, and an excellent achievement on your part. I think it looks really nice and works really well.

    Well done.

  2. I’m not a big fan of the design, but I am very pleased with the application as a whole. The only problem is that the system is so complex. In principle the workflows are realtively straight forward – however I was asked to include lots of one of instances…

    e.g. I want the shop to work like this except when there is an ‘r’ in the month or if there is a full moon (well not quite).

    The trouble is it is easy for a human being to deal with these becuase we understand contect – but the PHP interpretter cannot…

  3. An amusing one happened the other day. A certain someone was trying to import product descriptions from a .csv file, but was getting lots of character errors. Turns out that certain someone was saving the file as a .xls and then renaming the file extention to .csv.


  4. She’ll follow you, John. Just you wait.

    Best make sure none of the houses near you go up for sale. You never know who your new neighbour could be.

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