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I’m putting together a quick table to compare the online payment processing options available at the moment. At work clients are always asking us to recomend a company or coming to us wanting to use scary providers they found on the internet, and based in places like Nigeria.

There are only so many numbers you can keep track of, so I’ve started putting together a quick reference. This is aimed fair and square at smaller sites where people are dipping their toes into the bright new frontier of e-commerce. I have tried to pick the starter package where possible.

Please contact me with to recommend providers, share your experiences or get me to add companies to this very short list.

Name Cost per month Setup Per Transaction Fee Package Notes
PROTX £20.00 n/a n/a Small Business Service up to 1000 transactions / month
Secure Trading          
WorldPay £30.00 £200.00 Credit Cards 3.75% – 4.5%
Debit Cards £0.38 – £0.50
Small Business
PayPal n/a n/a 3.4% + £0.20 Payment Processing Standard up to £1500 / month
Google Checkout n/a n/a 1.5% + £0.15 per transaction Google Checkout FREE no transaction fees until 2008
SecPay £20.00 n/a £0.20 Premium 20  

4 thoughts to “Compare UK online payment providers”

  1. I’m not wildly keen on PROTX – from an integration point of view – although customers do like them on a price basis.

    I really like the Secure Trading integration – once I figured out how it worked, but they don’t seem to be priced that competatively at the moment.

  2. We have been using Protx for around 3 years and apart from the occasional glitch they have been a good provider.
    However we have just discovered a serious problem with our account during June, when between 60 and 70 transactions were logged as “Client time-out Error” in our Protx VSP Admin Area when in fact a “Transaction Approved” response was sent to our system. This resulted in our customers receiving their orders when they had not paid.
    If antone else has had this problem or something similar could they please reply – especially if they found any way of proving Protx’s responsibility for this.
    Gary Carson
    Rabbie’s Trail Burners Ltd., Edinburgh

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