A Litmus Test for Art

Do you remember at school messing about with Litmus paper in chemistry lessons trying to find out if things are acid or alkaline, or were you too busy trying to make laughing gas or setting fire to somebodies hair?

I’ve just been to Scotland and saw a (very good) show called ‘Off the Wall’ at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. For those of a thoughtful or tabloid bent, there is always the issue of how to tell if a work of art is actually any good – well I think I have found the answer, take along a toddler.

The little man was overwhelmed by a couple of pieces (literally), one was Martin Creed’s piece ‘Work No. 370 Balls’ (2004), he tried frantically to get in there and play with the balls time and tiem again, fortunately (for us) we managed to stop him.

Martin Creed - Work no.370 Balls

The other piece that passed the toddler test was Jim Lambie’s ‘Zobop’ (1999) – the little man would have been happy running around in room all day long.

Jim Lambie - Zobop