Flip-Gallery 0.2 – a gallery plugin for WordPress

My gallery plugin for WordPress Flip-Gallery is finally ready, and you can download it from here.

Flip-Gallery uses a tewaked version of Thickbox, the UI display widget built on the jQuery JavaScript Library.

Flip-Gallery is a simple image gallery. You can configure and use it entirely through the WordPress admin interface. It consists of two main parts: a collection of images and a collection of galleries. You can create as many galleries as you want and include as many images as you want in each gallery. An image can be displayed in more than one gallery.

Flip-Gallery has 3 modes of use:

  • HTML mode – nothing fancy just plain URLs
  • Thickbox Image mode – images are displayed in Thickbox overlays
  • AJAX mode – html pages are loaded in an AJAX overlay

If you don’t have JavaScript enabled – don’t worry, it should just degrade nicely.

Download, change it, play with it, break it… give me some feedback and I’ll make it better.

4 thoughts to “Flip-Gallery 0.2 – a gallery plugin for WordPress”

  1. I think you should make a pretty logo type thing for this. A photo frame with a butterfly, or something.

  2. Good idea.

    It’s always nice to have something like that. I just want to have a few people try it out at the moment, try it out etc. before I put into a plugin directory. At the moment it’s only running on about 3 sites I know of – and all of them I set up!

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