My WordPress Gallery plugin is almost ready. It is still not quite ready forpublic consumption, but it is up and running on the new version of the site I built it for (http://www.jcameron.org website of my friend James Cameron a seriously up and coming photographer) – you can see the new version here at http://experiment.flipflops.org – we are just messing around with the last bits before we launch.

James Cameron Photography

Flip-gallery is will be a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage online photogalleries and uses the Thickbox script to make it beautiful. The basic premise behind the plugin is that it is very easy to use and doesn’t mess with anything else, your blog remains the same, Thickbox remains the same.

The work that remains is to finnish the WordPress options admin page – so you can set the whole thing up without having to manually edit any files and to do a bit of customisation of Thickbox to allow you have AJAX pages that also make use of the rel attribute (to use next and previous buttons) and which also resizes the images (like it does in image mode).

 So not long now… I hope.