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I’ve got in print again. Whilst that is quite nice, it hasn’t worked out exactly as I’d hoped. There is a double page spread all about me in Network – the magazine for members of the co-operative group. Unfortunately the one thing that I insisted on as a condition (links to COSMIC and flipflops) haven’t happened. The pictures are jaw drop-ingly cheesy, but it’s not every day I get to show some of my work to 50,000 (or whatever people).

The idea behind the piece was that it would be a week in the life of somebody who works for a social enterprise. The trouble is that the majority of my working week is spent writing code, whilst that may me intellectually absorbing to me, to anyone else it just isn’t. I haven’t actually read the article – to tell the truth I am afraid of finding out how my words have been twisted. Not only are the words a paraphrase of my actual words, but they are then are re-written for a reading age of 10.

One thought to “In print again”

  1. The words are indeed written, perhaps not for a 10 year old, but by a dislexic 10 year old, I think.

    However, your art work does look good, and I really like the sort of posture alphabet thing going on in the background.

    Ah well, it’s a bit of publicity, eh?

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