A Little Something

Just trying out a new plugin to let me put a bit of Flash into something without pain.


This is supposed to be a randomly generated string of DNA that I built for an art project called Intercede a while back. Unfortunately I have lost the .fla file (Duh) and so the SWF is much too big for the blog page – still it only took my a couple of minutes to go and alter the plugin to put a max size on the SWF and resize it if is too big – that is what is so good about WordPress.

I really do need to work on my personal filing.

I wanted to link to YouTube and embed a film  of a couple of guys called Coyle and Sharpe called the Human Vegetable Farm, but it doesn’t appear to be up on YouTube and infact I have just found out they have redone thier website and I had real trouble finding it.

I think it is one of the best short films ever.