Still Pottering Slowly with Ruby on Rails

I wish I could bring myself to use Ruby on Rails, but I can’t not just yet. I wish I could – but I can’t its just too slow. Everything about it is lovely, the books are nice the name is funky and young and makes you want to go yes like Meg Ryan, the ideas make so much sense, the code is beautiful… but in the real world you aren’t going to get hosting for $4 / month.

I want to use it but I don’t want to have to piss around with fastcgi… If you read /. et al. then slagging of PHP is de rigeur – but the thing is PHP works – and its fast like a very fast thing. Hosting is cheap and ubiquitous and everything pretty much works out the box. There are more tutorials on LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) than you can shake a stick at. It’s gonna be hard to drag myself away from that goodness. I kicked the ASP habit smartish, and not a day goes by when shudder at those hatefull ASP memories, but…

ROR is nice and I thought about it a great deal when I wrote the Rocket CMS framework for my day job, but it is time to move on. Been looking at Cake (not it’s a made up drug) and I think I’m going to give it a shot – all the MVC goodness but a bit of speed too.

One day I’ll finish pottering and build a real Rails app. – hopefully very soon.

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