Global warming at home and the cascade of golden light

I’ve been writing this, or rather meaning to write this post for a long time. All through this year I have noticed the light a lot. For the last 6 months the light has been wrong.This year I have been afflicted by an appalling case of Meteorological Deja Vu, the light in England has not been the light of England.

Many mornings as I have driven to work the light has been wrong the misty glow, whilst beautiful has been jarring. Sunsets have had the neon glow of a pharmacological mishap or a tequila fueled bender on the edge of the desert. I have been out running in the early morning half a mile from home and almost fallen over in shock as the light tells me I am La Paz high on the Bolivian atiplano…

Anyway I have a theory that this cascade of golden light that is something to do with global warming or the changing atmosphere, dust or temperature differentials, unusual cloud patterns… something is making light behave in a strange way. Perhaps I should dig out some of those old JG Ballard novels for a bit of research, I seem to remember that the light always used to go a little wonky as the world drew to an end.


 – at saunton like the med this morning dri#ving to work i felt very strongly that i was in chile or south america…

Bye Bye Blogger

I’ve just moved to WordPress from Blogger and this post was going to be the final draft that has got dragged over (although actually it isn’t (make sense of that)) – or actually not get dragged over – the setup and transfer went pretty smoothly all things considered. Blogger is a great little thing – I found it wonderful after the horror of Movable Type, but I can’t help thinking oh bugger why the hell haven’t I been using WordPress all this time?