Why do you have to be a Hero to wear boots ?

On Tuesday night I went to the cinema and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean (excellent) and then last night I saw Serenity – also excellent, but as I sat watching my film enjoying a bottle of fine wine, something occurred to me:

Why do you have to be a Hero to wear boots?

* (based on the assumption that you and they are men)

Think of all the great heros of cinema, they almost all wear boots, and not just walking boots but great knee high black leather boots – and they still manage to kick ass. If you or I walked down the street in a pair of knee black boots, you would get your ass kicked. I mean you could get away with it as a Goth on your way to a special club, but not for a cheeky pint or a few vegetables.

  • Serenity – boots galoore
  • Jack Sparrow – a fine set of boots – although I guess this is historically accurate.
  • Han Solo – boots
  • Luke Sky Walker – boots
  • etc.

I have also identified a few sub types, for instance Bad guys and Super Heros normally wear a kind of fetish wellington boot (as does a good friend of mine, and mutual friends know exactly who I mean).

For example:

  • Darth Vader – black wellington boots
  • Super Man – red wellington boots
  • Batman – black wellington boots
  • Spider Man – red wellington boots
  • etc.

The final sub type is heros who do not wear boots:

For example:

  • Bruce Willis (die hard films)
  • The Hulk

I have only able to identify a single hero who wears boots that would make being a hero or a farmer a prerequisite of ownership:

  • Indiana Jones

4 thoughts to “Why do you have to be a Hero to wear boots ?”

  1. john you are obsessed with Goths.
    and your boots arguement is revealing a scarily film geek tendency, only a similarly super hero film watcher could join in this debate. but i love you!

  2. i think theres something up with flipflops email… a mysterious new log in form is suggesting a hacker to me! have a look…..

  3. Well I have thought of some more heros.

    Hobbits don’t wear boots – does that make them like Bruce Willis?

  4. I am not obsessed with Goths. Many of my friends past and present have been Goths or at least dabled in the Gothic spectrum. I have been out with girls who have had Gothic tendancies…

    I even considered Gothness myself, as a youth but lacked the confidence to pull it off convincingly.

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