The 12 days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas

my true love gave to me an 80 GB drive for my laptop.

On the second day of Christmas

I got my router out of the bag, scrounged a computer and setup a network to move
all the files from my current drive.

On the third day of Christmas

I swapped my drives.

On the fourth day of Christmas

I sat around for the day whilst reinstalling Windows XP.

On the fifth day of Christmas

I applied SP2 and about a zillion updates.

On the sixth day of Christmas

I… it just goes on and on and on…

I have to admit I haven’t tried really hard to get it all up and running again – I have a life, and it is Christmas after all but it is crazy just how long it takes to get everything up and running again. I am fortunate eneough to be able to borrow a machine to dump files on etc. but it makes you think about all the millions of photographs and wills and job applications and emails that just get lost simply because people can’t move them when they upgrade their computer.

Sure pretty much everybody has access to CD writer these days, but who wants to copy 20, 30, 40 gigs of stuff on a stack of disks… Is it sad or is it liberating to loose all the electronic gumph that clutters up our lives. I’m not sure, do we collect too much stuff ? I for one would be both saddened and lost.