26 Things

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A couple of snaps from a new piece of work imagineatively entitled 26 things it is an alpahabet of things.

Have also just finnished a portrait which is currently sitting on the piano, and which I am in love with.

It is funny how the process of making art is about pushing things over the edge. What I mean is that you are working on a piece and its not going so well – its ok but its not gorgeous, its not ravishing, trancending, sublime. You don’t just have the overpowering urge to just stand back, hand on hip, cup of coffee (cigarette if you still smoke) and think, fuck – this is a sexy bit of work, am I good or what? (a bit like that Chuck Close self portrait…)

Obviously you get wrapped up in anything you make and its easy to loose your perspective, but there is a very particular state that I think almost any artist will be able to recognise. A piece of work is hanging on the edge – its ok but you will never get that buzz, and it will never make the leap. You have to push the piece and in doing so you will either make it jump or destroy it. It’s often a very hard decision to make – by this stage you have (chances are) put a lot of work into it and you are often unwilling to take that chance.

When you to take the chance, and it doesn’t end in disaster, you know it was worth it.

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  1. Well I have a whole bunch of stuff that needs photographing and uploading, both to here and to slowfall (which incidentaly should be moving to a new CMS very soon)

    Recently made a spectrum of drift plastic which is gorgeous but it went before I could photograph it. I need to chase that one up.

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