My friend Claire is making or rather orchestrating a beautiful pice of work called ‘Measure‘. I requested a ‘measure’ to take part in the project, but was left seeking something to measure.

I have now found what i wish to measure, unfortunately I am presented with a the sad paradox that I will never be able to test or experince my measure. I suppose it has become a kind of thought measure.

This is a measure of not measuring. My orginal measure disappeared in the post,so I requested a new one. In due course my new measure arrived but I haven’t been able to think of anything to measure (my mind being in something of a state of flux recently)…

anyway I am siting alone this evening working – rather atempting to work H + the little man are away for a week – and I am catching up on all the jobs that have piled up lately…

My measure is still not ready – it is still measuring, it is siting in the green bowl. Despite its sturdy black covering odd photons must be slipping through and so it is slowly measuring itself. The dilema, in a Schrodingers Cat kind of way is that I can’t see or
‘measure’ the measure without opening it up, which will of course destroy the