Train crash

I am writting this from memory (no notes) a month after it happened but it needs to be recounted. We were travelling by train from Almeria to Granada to Aljeciras. Between Granada and Aljeciras the train hit a truck which had broken down on a level crossing. The train was derailed and unfortunately the truck driver was killed, luckily nobody else was hurt.

As a result of this all the passengers were transfered to busses. On a bus we met some Kiwis called Jan and Josetta who in a twist of irony have spent the past year living at Highbury Corner just down the road from us. We all stayed in a tiny hotel by the port and had a laugh.

Shame we’ll never see them again – we got the first ferry to Morocco before they got up.


Whizzed to the Sierra Nevada and discovered a hostel down a dirt track perched high on the cliffs ouside the tiny village of Pitres. Run by an old (70ish)german lady named Barbara.

We introduced her to her first internet experience after she persuaded us that we needed to drive her to an internet cafe along the mountain range and help her book a plane ticket to Shannon.

Multilingual conversations in halting Spanish, German and French. Phew.