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Press Release    15th August 2007


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Sculptor John Elliott holds his first solo exhibition – a site specific installation at Tiverton Museum, Devon from the 8th – 22nd September 2007.

Elliott, who is funded by the Arts Council England’s Grants for the arts programme is transforming the Waggon Gallery at the museum with a cloud of several hundred brightly coloured butterflies that flow over and around the exhibits usually on display. The exhibition is one of the events taking place as part of the Devon Art Works 2007 event and aims to bring a large scale piece of contemporary art to a wider audience.

‘Stream’ is the latest in a number of pieces using large numbers of hand made butterflies which were originally inspired by a trip to the Amazon Jungle in Bolivia in 2003. Since then these sculptures consisting of large numbers of butterflies have been shown in various locations including an abandoned London church tower, the Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail in Yorkshire and a couple of weddings. The twists and turns drawn by the cloud of butterflies will mimic the whorls and eddies of a stream. The positions of the butterflies will describe the paths in the water; each butterfly will tell us where it has come from and where it is going to. The sculpture will be both still and full of motion.

When first encountering the work of John Elliott one is struck simultaneously and strongly by qualities of colour and structure. Working largely in the realm of sculpture, even forays into other mediums carry a strong sense of preoccupation with these qualities. Be it in combining disparate elements of found materials and detritus in [..] a bizarre hybrid sculpture, or translating email messages into a string of virtual DNA online, his work seems to look at how ‘modules’ connect and how one thing follows another. […]
The colours vivid and strong, the strange objects Elliott creates bring to mind the building bricks a child uses to first learn about how shapes fit together and how different parts of the world relate.

Excerpt from a review by Nicholas Kaplony, Exhibitions Organiser, Pump House Gallery

Exhibition Details

Tiverton Museum
Beck’s Square
Tiverton Devon
EX16 6PJ

Monday to Friday: 10.30am to 4.30pm
Saturdays: 10.00am to 1.00pm

For further information contact:

John Elliott
01884 242802


Judith Elsdon – Curator, Tiverton Museum
01884 256295
curator04 @

Notes to editors:

Stream is funded by the Arts Council England through the Grants for the Arts programme. John Elliott is also the recipient of a bursary from the Devon Art Works 2007 in support of this project.

John Elliott is available for interviews and photographs. Due to the nature of the work no advance photographs of the piece will be available.
For further information visit

(gallery of images of the sculpture under construction)

To find out more about my work please visit

Arts CouncilPrivate View 7th September 2007 4.30pm -7pm

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