Malaga – flew Easyjet – almost unbelievably the plane was nice…

What do people eat in Malaga? …we had to ask the tourist info to loacte a Supermercado.


So Flipflops is as done as its going to be for a year I should imagine… oo popping up pictures – in the end there just wasn’t eneough time.

I’ve also realised that there are no email addresses – still probably the only people who will look here know us already and its doubtful that they will look anyway… still our emails could be cracked without a great deal of imagination… and I get eneough junk as it is.

So a year away from work, away from computers off email except for once a month – I should do it more often.

Perhaps we should all try to have a deep philosophical thought every day, and then do something useful with it.


There is never quite eneough time i the world is there?

Ah well in 36 hours it won’t matter at all…

Post Party

Awoke early, having slept under stars. Collected glasses. Discussed art with an artist.