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Keep a website looking good

We all know the story. A new website looks beautiful… but not for long A year later, the owners of the website go out looking for a new website because their once gorgeous website now looks terrible. What has happened? The code hasn’t changed but the content has. As developers or designers we often fail to appreciate… Read more »

Looking for stock photos?

To tell the truth I do very little design work. I always find it particularly irritating when my shockingly expensive credits expire before I have a chance to use them. So it was very nice when earlier this I was offered the chance to try out Fotolia for 1 month for free. Ironically I was… Read more »


I’ve been meaning to announce the launch of my company Symbiotica Media Ltd – based in Devon near the city of Exeter. As you will be unsurprised to learn it is a web development company – so if you need beautiful, functional websites and applications that are a joy to use, look no further. I… Read more »