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Resize images on the fly with Nginx try_files

Nginx is fantastic as a high performance server that can serve static files very, very quickly with minimal, predictable use of resources. Static files are the CSS, Javascript and boilerplate images that make up the design of a website. As the name suggests, static files tend not to change very often. These days the chances… Read more »

Linux recursive directory listings

It’s sometimes really useful to recursively generate a list of directories, excluding the files. I use this in build scripts to create lists of directories that will need to be generated on the remote server – this is useful for things like upload directories for user generated content that wouldn’t necessarily be under version control…. Read more »

I rather like the Delicious re-design

Terrible puns aside, I’ve been using delicious for years and years – it has become, as these things do, just another part of memory (not that I don’t back up my links from time to time). Got confronted with the new design last night, as with any change to something very familiar it takes a… Read more »