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Two CakePHP behaviours to extend MeioUpload

I’ve been using the the Meio Upload Behaviour for a while as its a very handy piece of code, but as is so often the case it doesn’t do quite what I need. In the past I’ve got round this by hacking together a kind of supporting framework in app_controller and scattered about in my… Read more »

Multiple CMS systems with Symbolic Links

If you are a web developer you will very often be in the situation where you have to manage a server that has a large number of websites running on it all of which are running the same Content Management System. So far so good, everything is in one place and you know how your… Read more »

Getting Bake to Work

A really powerful feature of CakePHP is bake –  a script located at  /cake/scripts/bake.php – it is similar in function to the Ruby on Rails Scaffold application – it is a command line programme that can generate outline or scaffolding code to carry out simple CRUD operations, based solely on your database structure. I have had quite… Read more »

A to Z links with CakePHP

On a lot of websites, especially directories or those which contain large amounts of alphabetical data you see A to Z lists. You know the idea, click on a A and see every entry beginning with A, click on B… etc. then… Well, here is how to do it with Cake (a new PHP application development… Read more »