What is in a girl’s head?

In our bathroom we have a framed poem on the shelf by the toothbrushes.

The poem is ‘A boy’s head’ by the late Czech poet and scientist Miroslav Holub

In it there is a spaceship
and a project
for doing away with piano lessons.

And there is
Noah’s ark,
which shall be first.

And there is
an entirely new bird,
and entirely new hare,
an entirely new bumble-bee.

There is a river
that flows upwards.

There is a multiplication table.

There is anti-matter.

And it just cannot be trimmed.
I believe that only what cannot be trimmed
is a head.

There is much promise in the circumstance that so many people have heads.

Miroslav Holub

I often read this poem while I brush my teeth.

It always make me wonder what might be in a girl’s head.

I have some theories, but am still working on a definitive list…



Damn. I thought I had invented a new word ‘Plumptious’ – a word to describe the shape of a healthy, happy looking baby (used to describe daughter no. 2).

I am saddened gutted to find that it has already been coined.

Lusciously plump, can be used sarcastically as a back handed endearment.
she is very plumptious

(urban dictionary)

Things to come

A bit of a taster really, a post about the things that I intend to write – well that’s one way of getting me to ensure that I do write them.

I’ve written a helper to generate nested UL’s from the results of a find(‘threaded’) call. I’ve been using the helper to generate the nested lists for CSS menus and it is also great for sitemaps. Just needs a bit of tidying up before I set it free.

Back to basics with Auth
(This one is actually in draft right now) Another CakePHP one – I’ve been using a quite complex auth / groups / users solution derived the fabulous solution by Studio Canaria but these things get more and more complex. Recently for a project I just needed something simple but I’d forgotten how complex and powerful even basic Auth can be, so I decided to write a kind of back to basics tutorial.

My perfect E-book
I love books. I hate reading PDFs or anything book-like of the screen. My thoughts on the perfect E-book reader.