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Modify an existing database column in a Laravel migration

I’ve been messing around with Laravel – the ‘Clean & Classy PHP Framework’… I’m not totally sold yet, but there is a lot to like, so I am persevering. One useful feature that Laravel includes is migrations – in essence the ability to place your database schema under version control along with your code. Laravel… Read more »

Caching Minified files with Nginx

A quick introduction to Minify Minify is a popular PHP5 library best described by the Minify site itself: Minify is a PHP5 app that helps you follow several of Yahoo!’s Rules for High Performance Web Sites. It combines multiple CSS or Javascript files, removes unnecessary whitespace and comments, and serves them with gzip encoding and… Read more »

XPath to the rescue. Again?

It’s odd. I don’t think about think about XPath from one month to the next. But once in a while, when my usual solutions have all come up blank. Ta-Da XPath to the rescue! Recently as part of a site I was working on, the design basically required that I inject a block of content… Read more »

Quick debug function

It’s not pretty and it’s not elegant, but we’ve all got a bag of quick and dirty functions that help make life just a little bit easier. This is a simple print_r() but I finally got fed up of loosing my quick debug statements and so added the line name and file number from a… Read more »