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Quickly duplicate a row in MySQL

A quick way of duplicating a row in a table without running into duplicate key errors or having to type out all the field names… Not quite a one-liner, but very straightforward. /* Duplicate row 58 from mytable */ CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tmptable SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE id = 58;   /* Change the… Read more »

MySQL DATE_FORMAT() AND PHP date() formats

I’m always finding myself looking up strings to format PHP and MySQL dates. A simple d/m/Y is pretty straight forward but sometimes things can get a bit fiddly. Where ever possible I try and leave my date formatting in the database, but I still find myself doing it in PHP all the time. Here are… Read more »

UK Towns and Postcode Areas

The other day I needed a list of UK post towns matched up to postcode areas, which I found on wikipedia. Anyway I have tidied it up and put it into two database tables postcode and town You can download the SQL file here Hope it comes in useful.

Finding overlapping dates and times in MySQL

Quite often you end up in situations where you are required to check and see if one time period overlaps another time period. Probably the most common situation this occurs in is when you are building a booking system – be it for tables or cars or rooms. You have a series of entries in… Read more »