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Minimum age with the jQuery UI Datepicker

Minimum age with the jQuery UI Datepicker Just been working on a registration form where the minimum age of registering users has to be 18. Using the fabulous jQuery UI Datepicker (see documentation it’s really easy to set up a Date of Birth field so that the a user has to be a least 18… Read more »

jQuery plugin to print HTML forms

Recently for a project, a client wanted to be able to print pages from a web application that were just forms. This was never intended when the application was originally built, so there were no separate view screens of data. Naively I thought this would be easy – knock up a print style sheet and… Read more »

jQuery – watch a checkbox field

This is a simple function I wrote that will monitor a <checkbox> field on a form. If the <checkbox> is ticked then it will show a specified <div> and if the <checkbox> is un-ticked then it will hide the specified <div>. View the working example Initially I thought that I might be able to use… Read more »