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Meta description is the new black

Meta description is one of those areas of SEO that seems to drift in and out of ┬ápopular attention. I don’t think it has ever made sense to ignore the value of meta description, although I have rarely given it the love it deserves. Right now is a good time to think about this tag,… Read more »

I miss the old Streetview

Recently I’ve been updating a site with some quite complex map related functionality from Google maps v2 to Google maps v3. All in all it has been straight forward and worth doing. The one disappointment IMO has been Streetview – the old version was so much slicker. The new version is easier to implement, but… Read more »

Speed matters

To my unending amazement, many people I’ve worked with simply don’t believe that speed matters as a factor in Search Engine rankings. I don’t understand why. It’s not like Google (and lets face it, we are talking about Google) are being coy about it. (see links) When you work in an office with stupidly fast… Read more »