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Lithium, Doctrine & doing it yourself

If you use CakePHP you’ll probably be aware (or you’re dead or on holiday or something…) that Gwoo and Nate have left the project and gone elsewhere. Sort of. Well actually they have forked Cake3 into Lithium – souped up CakePHP for PHP 5.3 Unfortunately I’m not going to be using it in the immediate… Read more »

CakePHP Menu Helper for Tree data

This is the MenuHelper I use in my CMS system. It is designed to work with data from the Tree behaviour or from any $model->find(‘threaded’) call. I use it to generate multi level CSS menus (that you see at the top of most websites), contextual menus (that you see in sidebars, showing the current page… Read more »

Sneak Preview

At the moment I’m working on an e-commerce project using the Amazon Product Advertising API. The website is called, and as the name suggests its theme is Science Fiction Books and Fantasy Literature. The project is built on my brand new CakePHP based CMS system and the Tarzan AWS library which makes connecting to… Read more »

Things to come

A bit of a taster really, a post about the things that I intend to write – well that’s one way of getting me to ensure that I do write them. NestedListHelper I’ve written a helper to generate nested UL’s from the results of a find(‘threaded’) call. I’ve been using the helper to generate the… Read more »