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Like a lot of people I do most of my development work on windows PC and locally run a web a server and database. Like a a lot of people I just downloaded and installed a server bundle. For the last few years I have used Apache2triad and it has generally been pretty painless, but… Read more »

HABTM / Checkbox working example

Reading the CakePHP group messages, a lot of people seem to run into problems with creating HABTM relationships and changing from the default multipleSelect to using a series of checkboxes. In an app I was building I ran into a brick wall where I just wasn’t able to find out waht was wrong so I… Read more »

Session Error in Cake App

I have spent the past 24 hours pulling my hair out over a very odd error in a CakePHP application I have been developing. I had an app called training, so my directory structure looked like this (the training app was generated using bake) I had copied large amounts of code from another cake site… Read more »

Getting Bake to Work

A really powerful feature of CakePHP is bake –  a script located at  /cake/scripts/bake.php – it is similar in function to the Ruby on Rails Scaffold application – it is a command line programme that can generate outline or scaffolding code to carry out simple CRUD operations, based solely on your database structure. I have had quite… Read more »