Monthly Archives: January 2013

WordPress updates with SFTP

A lot of people seem to have a great deal of difficulty using the WordPress update facility that allows you to update your WordPress install, themes and plugins from within the WordPress admin. As is so often the case, file and directory permissions are often to blame. (Updating WordPress in the Codex is worth reading)… Read more »

Keep a website looking good

We all know the story. A new website looks beautiful… but not for long A year later, the owners of the website go out looking for a new website because their once gorgeous website now looks terrible. What has happened? The code hasn’t changed but the content has. As developers or designers we often fail to appreciate… Read more »

I rather like the Delicious re-design

Terrible puns aside, I’ve been using delicious for years and years – it has become, as these things do, just another part of memory (not that I don’t back up my links from time to time). Got confronted with the new design last night, as with any change to something very familiar it takes a… Read more »

What is in a girl’s head?

In our bathroom we have a framed poem on the shelf by the toothbrushes. The poem is ‘A boy’s head’ by the late Czech poet and scientist Miroslav Holub In it there is a spaceship and a project for doing away with piano lessons. And there is Noah’s ark, which shall be first. And there… Read more »