Monthly Archives: February 2011

Reorder a nested HTML list in PHP

Recently I was working on website where I had to re-order a nested list (part of a navigation menu) – unfortunately I only had access to fragment of HTML so I couldn’t just manipulate the arrays from which it was built. The menu was compiled from various arrays and months within years sometimes came out… Read more »

Favourite new piece of software of the week

This week came across Scratch Pad It fills a gap for just that a bit of notepad / jotting pad / scratch pad that has bugged me for a while – I have been using either notepad++ or text wrangler (depending on whether I’m on PC or Mac) – neither of which was quite… Read more »


Damn. I thought I had invented a new word ‘Plumptious’ – a word to describe the shape of a healthy, happy looking baby (used to describe daughter no. 2). I am saddened gutted to find that it has already been coined. Lusciously plump, can be used sarcastically as a back handed endearment. she is very… Read more »