I feel stupid blogging about a vacuum cleaner but…

We have just bought a new vacuum cleaner (I hate it when people (e.g. my girlfriend) call them hoovers)) to replace the beaten up old piece of junk we inherited from one of our grandparents.

Anyway other people we know did loads of research (like Which) and apparently the best vacuum cleaners you can get at the moment are Miele vacuum cleaners. So a few people we know bought them – and we’ve just got one…

And it really is amazing. It is awesome. It actually sucks the carpet up of the floor creating a kind of carpet wave as you hoover the room. Our house is considerably cleaner now than it was a few days ago.

Miele S 5211 Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S 5211 Vacuum Cleaner (on Amazon)

4 Responses to “I feel stupid blogging about a vacuum cleaner but…”

  1. Flipflops

    p.s. The only thing I would change about it is the colour – we got black – I think a very dark red would have been really sexy.

  2. john


    Arrggg I hate HOOVER as a generic term – VACUUM CLEANER – anyway you haven’t seen it suck the carpet off the floor.

    Well it’s not my Mac – it belongs to my employers and cool as it is – it ain’t mine. I’ve got Coda actually its not bad at all but to tell the truth I use the latest version of Eclipse – which is really nice. For some obscure resaon I’ve forgotten I’ve got quite an old version on my laptop.