Monthly Archives: September 2009

Green Man Photos

A few photos from the Green Man music festival earlier this year. I always love night photos even if some of them are a bit out of focus… (click on the photo to view the gallery)

Setting TinyMCE configs in Django

Working with the Django Filebrowser and TinyMCE I have just spent quite a while with an utterly frustrating problem. I want to set all my my inserted image paths to absolute e.g. /media/uploads/someimge.jpg – in TinyMCE the way to do this is to set “convert_urls”: false The relevant part of my file looked like… Read more »

CakePHP Menu Helper for Tree data

This is the MenuHelper I use in my CMS system. It is designed to work with data from the Tree behaviour or from any $model->find(‘threaded’) call. I use it to generate multi level CSS menus (that you see at the top of most websites), contextual menus (that you see in sidebars, showing the current page… Read more »


I’ve been meaning to announce the launch of my company Symbiotica Media Ltd – based in Devon near the city of Exeter. As you will be unsurprised to learn it is a web development company – so if you need beautiful, functional websites and applications that are a joy to use, look no further. I… Read more »