Monthly Archives: June 2009

Two CakePHP behaviours to extend MeioUpload

I’ve been using the the Meio Upload Behaviour for a while as its a very handy piece of code, but as is so often the case it doesn’t do quite what I need. In the past I’ve got round this by hacking together a kind of supporting framework in app_controller and scattered about in my… Read more »

Flirting with Django – part 1

Right now I’ve got a bit of time on my hands and I am slowly catching up with bits and pieces that I have been meaning to do for years. I have also decided to broaden my horizons and learn some Python and Java. Why Python and Java? Well its simple really; I think Java… Read more »

New business directory seeks businesses

I’ve been working on a business directory website in my spare time for a while and it is now live. The directory is and is for for companies / organisations / individuals based in the UK who want to promote their businesses. It is totally free to register and you won’t find any registration… Read more »

Please vote for this fabulous thing

Sparklehorse2009 (Wood, Paint, Vinyl Tape, Ceramic, Epoxy Resin) This beautiful thing is my sisters wedding present, it is also entered in this months Saatchi Showdown – where: ARTWORKS GO HEAD-TO-HEAD FOR VISITORS’ VOTES… So please click on the link vote for this piece of sculpture so my sister can have a prize winning artwork… Read more »