Monthly Archives: May 2009

Overload $this->tags & $this->map in Apphelper

CakePHP is full of amazingly handy little bits and pieces, the trick is discovering them by exploring the API or paying attention to people who know Cake inside out. AppHelper sits there begging to be filled, the idea being that you can overload core helper methods here; however there is a lot of debate as…

Wings of Desire

I always wish aeroplane windows were a bit bigger, and am unable to understand the people who do not stare out of them as you take of and land. It doesn’t matter how many times you have flown, people who just read the in-flight magazine must have dead imaginations.

Hannah Storie, I need your help.

Affect. Effect. I can never remember what the difference between them is. This really bugs me, so much so that this week I actually when seeking an answer. I asked Wolfram Alpha; it was able to tell me the population of the town where I live; it was able to tell me how many angels… Read more »