Monthly Archives: February 2009

Elliott & Co Solicitors

Its not very often that I get to actually design a website, instead of putting them together and making them go. Still it’s fun once in a while. Elliott & Co Solicitors have two offices in The West Midlands in the UK in Birmingham and Wombourne on the edge of Wolverhampton. The company has been… Read more »

Don’t add a component twice

Last week I spent an annoyingly long time tracking down a bug caused by what was basically a simple typo. I discovered that my controller redirects (e.g. $this->redirect(array(‘action’=>’index’)); )were failing, but without generating any errors at all (that I could find). Eventually I tracked down the cause by just taking the whole controller apart and… Read more »

Setting the ‘admin’ path using $html->link

Usually CakePHP can work out when link needs to be within the /admin/ section of your site. Sometimes however it needs a little help. When this happens you need to add ‘admin’ => true to the list of parameters. 1 2   echo $html->link($data[’SomeModel’][’name’], array( ‘controller’ => ‘some_controller’, ‘action’ => ‘index’, ‘admin’ => true));